Alikay Naturals

We have Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell and her YaYa, who taught her the benefits of natural ingredients as a young girl in the Caribbean, to thank for Alikay Naturals.

Alikay Naturals products have no petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones. The products use the healing properties found in natural and organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from inside out.

You can find Alikay Naturals online or in store. Want to take it a step further? Sign up to be an Alikay Gyal brand ambassador.


Products to Try:
Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner
Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner
Crème Brulee Curling Delight

Check them out here:

Review and demo by NaturallyNellzy

Additional Videos

Short Hair tutorial

Yolonda Renee has a video using the product using the products on her daughter (see the link below)

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