Moisture Love

Moisture Love is saving our tresses from being dry and dull by the same company that originally created Coco Curls. What makes Moisture Love different is its Hydralure Technology, formulated by Georgia Tech Engineer, Jeannell Darden.

Moisure Love is a curated hair care collection focusing solely on providing us with a higher degree of moisturizing for all textures of hair. Moisture Love’s Hydralure technology is explained on their site as a pH balanced proprietary blend of plant based humectants and moisturizing agents that penetrate and affect the hair on a cellular level. What does that mean? It creates a bonding attraction between the hydration in the cells of your hair and that of the product to infuse longer lasting moisture; making  hair shinier, healthier and more manageable over time.

Products to Try:
Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream
Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil
Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo


Check them out here:

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