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Words by Saana Holley

creator of Hairologie

It was time. Time to shed the ideology that being natural was hard or only for certain hair types,  time to discover my natural hair potential, time to love my crown for what it is and no longer fight and force my tresses to lay flat and straight. I began my journey by asking for advice, watching videos, reading magazines, articles and blogs. I was overwhelmed with information and still confused if my hair was 3B/3C and what it meant.

Hairologie was born to serve as a one shop stop for hair education and needs. The brand originally focused on finding quality stylists because I knew I wasn’t the only one who needed trained hands to assist with styling. Hairologie has since evolved into a lifestyle brand specifically for women of color.

I have two little angels with two different types of hair texture. Knowing what I know about this world and the negative perceptions often assigned to black women, specifically their hair, I want my angels to stand tall knowing they are strong, resilient, beautiful, and invaluable. They are Queens in training and their crown needs to be nurtured and loved.

Hairologie is more than just an aggregator of information to help you on your hair journey. It is a place for fellow Queens to commune and see images of themselves to enforce the beauty in each of us.  

Regardless of your natural journey we welcome you to our community. If you are just beginning, we are here to guide you. If you are an expert we are here to encourage you to share with us, support others and join us as we discover new and exciting products and styles. Our options are like us, limitless. Let’s explore them together. Welcome to Hairologie!