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Begin Journey

The perfect place to start your natural hair journey whether you are curious about being natural, in the transitioning process or wondering what to do next after your big chop

4 Tips on Choosing a Natural Hair Stylist

Breaking up is so hard to do but you must say goodbye to your relaxing stylist (professionally) to avoid breakage and risk damaging your new growth. Curly Hair Lounge is offering up 4 good tips to help you get started on choosing a stylist. Don’t forget to stop by The Spotlight to check out some of our recommended stylists! […]

10 Ways to Look Flawless As You Transition From Relaxed to Natural Hair

We hear it all the time, “I can’t go natural.” If we are being honest, you are natural when you have “new growth” but decide to relax it. No judging here, only love . Here are 10 easy and simple steps you can take once you decide to begin your journey of letting your hair be itself from Self. […]