4 Tips on Choosing a Natural Hair Stylist

Breaking up is so hard to do but you must say goodbye to your relaxing stylist (professionally) to avoid breakage and risk damaging your new growth. Curly Hair Lounge is offering up 4 good tips to help you get started on choosing a stylist. Don’t forget to stop by The Spotlight to check out some of our recommended stylists! […]

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Hair Porosity Test for Natural Hair

Say what? If you are watching certain tutorials you may have heard of hair porosity. Simply put, it is how well your hair holds onto moisture. Which is very important because no one wants dry hair. Read on to see what Napturally Curly has to say or go to Hairologie TV for more coverage. […]

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10 Ways to Look Flawless As You Transition From Relaxed to Natural Hair

We hear it all the time, “I can’t go natural.” If we are being honest, you are natural when you have “new growth” but decide to relax it. No judging here, only love . Here are 10 easy and simple steps you can take once you decide to begin your journey of letting your hair be itself from Self. […]

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How to grow the perfect afro

'Olivia, why are you writing this blog? There is already so much information on YouTube.' Over the past month, I've discussed with a few of my curl friends, hair care, growth and damage. I realized that they didn't know the fundamental points that every natural must know in order to grow that desired long and thick afro. So ladies and gents this is for you. Growing hair is a dynamic balance between length retention and stimulating hair growth from the scalp. In order to retain length you must [...]

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