Some Great Tips For Repairing Damaged Black Hair

It happened. Some styling along the way, your hair was damaged. Don’t worry, all it needs is some tender loving care. Here are some tips to help repair your tresses from Black Women Beauty Central […]

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7 Wigs & Weaves You Need In Your Life Now

For most women, when their hair isn’t on point, they don’t feel on point. How many of us have scrambled around looking for a hat, hairband or headwrap when our curls and kinks wouldn't cooperate? It might seem a simple enough solution to slide on a super haute wig or weave, but not all hair "halp" is created equal.  Substandard pieces can get matted or tangled, leaving your ‘do in an unmanageable mess.  We don't want you out there like that, so the style squad is rounding [...]

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How to grow the perfect afro

'Olivia, why are you writing this blog? There is already so much information on YouTube.' Over the past month, I've discussed with a few of my curl friends, hair care, growth and damage. I realized that they didn't know the fundamental points that every natural must know in order to grow that desired long and thick afro. So ladies and gents this is for you. Growing hair is a dynamic balance between length retention and stimulating hair growth from the scalp. In order to retain length you must [...]

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