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Natural Hair Care

We love our natural hair bloggers so we did a bit of curation for you and added our two cents. Come read all about it.

How To Determine Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

Are you considering TRANSITIONING from your relaxed tresses to natural tresses? Perhaps you want to go directly for THE BIG CHOP? Many girls are contemplating one or both of these methods to truly transform into a curly girl. While you might decide to go directly for The Big Chop, (the easier and faster method), you definitely want to know what your natural curl pattern looks like, before you cut off all your hair. Many girls received a relaxer at a very tender, young age, so you might not remember what your natural curly hair looks like. If so, you won’t see your true texture until you have about (2”) two inches of new growth. Also, the true texture of your natural curls won’t appear until 7 months to two years [...]

Top 10 Reasons to attend at least one Natural Hair Show

You’ve seen all of the glorious pics of women of color embracing themselves, bent over in laughter, flaunting their natural tresses and beaming with pride as they attend a natural hair event. It almost seems too good to be true. Believe it or not, it’s real, so why haven’t you attended one? […]

4 Tips on Choosing a Natural Hair Stylist

Breaking up is so hard to do but you must say goodbye to your relaxing stylist (professionally) to avoid breakage and risk damaging your new growth. Curly Hair Lounge is offering up 4 good tips to help you get started on choosing a stylist. Don’t forget to stop by The Spotlight to check out some of our recommended stylists! […]